Samsung S9 - look sharp and pay attention

The Samsung S9 hit the shelves recently, meaning there’s a new top player rivalling the iPhone X - and we should all sit up and pay attention.

Samsung S9

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Whether you’re an avid android user or loyal to Apple, these tech giants aren’t disappointing - they’re pushing the boundaries further and further with what we can do with our phones.

So, what are the new S9 features?

New camera

Samsung’s ability to improve the camera with each new release has never fallen short, and the S9 is no exception. The S9 has the ability to take photos in both low and extreme bright light, as well as being the first Samsung Galaxy with a dual-lens set up.

The camera itself comes with a whole host of new and fun functionalities, such as super slow motion video recording at 960 frames per second.

Rivalling the latest iPhone X animated emoji tool, the S9 has fired back with its own version of personalised avatars.

By clicking ‘Create my emoji’, you’re able to see your avatar version of yourself, add filters, edit to your heart’s content, and share with friends.


The appearance of the S9 and S9 Plus isn’t far from the previous model, and is available in a choice of four colours. Video wallpaper can be used, and the Amoled technology ensures the classic Samsung clarity.

Facial recognition and iris security

The S9 still features fingerprint ID, as well as facial recognition and an iris scanner, helping you keep your phone secure in a way that suits you. It’s easy enough to set up, and simply involves the front camera scanning your face.

Biometric security is on the up in the tech world in general and on our gadgets in particular, so it makes sense for Samsung to jump on this bandwagon.

Extra wins for the Samsung S9:

  • The 35mm headphone jack is still live and kicking, meaning your trusty headphones have somewhere to live - no need to a costly adaptor.
  • The S9 Plus camera is even better then the S9, with a dual-lens and larger screen.
  • Fast charging is still there with the S9, accompanied by wireless accessories.
  • Dual speakers with an improved sound.

What’s the verdict?

The Samsung S9 and S9 Plus are pricier then previous Galaxy models, but they’re still cheaper than the iPhone X.

The overall appearance of the S9 is appealing with its ‘infinity pool’ screen, make watching videos and taking photos a real pleasure, especially when teamed with the clarity of the dual-lens camera. However, is the camera enough to justify the jump in price from the S8? It’s questionable.

In terms of battery life, we’ve come to accept that, with most mobiles, it can be limiting, and having a charger with you when away from home is usually necessary. But Samsung’s Fast Charge capability at least means we’re not waiting around for the battery boost.

Equally, the wireless charging accessories which can be bought separately make charging your device even easier.


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