Review of the week: NEW unlimited mobile tariff

There’s seldom been a better time to review your mobile phone tariff, following the launch of several cheap new deals.

Just last month, Tesco introduced what it claims is the cheapest SIM-only deal on the market. At £6 per month for 100 minutes and unlimited texts, the O2-backed network offers great value for money if you tend to use your phone for texts rather than calls.

Asda has now thrown its weight into the ring with a range of new tariffs specifically targeted at different types of mobile user.

The tariffs, which are available on a pay-as-you-go basis, allow customers to control what they spend without being tied to any rolling or set contract.

Here, we take a look at Asda’s £25 ‘unlimited’ deal to see what it has to offer…

What’s the deal?

Asda, which ‘piggybacks’ the Vodafone network, is targeting ‘heavy’ users with its unlimited tariff by offering unlimited calls and texts for £25 a month. This charge is paid upfront like any other pay-as-you-go deal. Asda says that this eliminates any additional costs that customers could incur for over-usage.  

One of the biggest drawbacks of the deals is that data isn’t included in the unlimited bundle, although you can still access the internet on your phone for 20p per MB. In comparison, Tesco Mobile charge £4 per MB and if you look at the charges set by the other main networks for data, Asda comes out the as one of best value for mobile internet use.

As well as this, Asda has also launched a Mobile Tariff Guarantee Service which will advise customers on a monthly basis on the best Asda Mobile tariff to suit their needs. If there is an alternative tariff that the customer can be placed on which offers them better value for money, then this will be recommended.

Is this the tariff for me?

The unlimited tariff is great value for a heavy user of texts and calls but, in the age of the smartphone, most ‘heavy’ users also want access the internet on their phone.

While the £25 monthly charge covers the unlimited calls and texts element, if you wanted to also access the internet you would need to top up the phone further in order to cover these costs.

If you don’t class yourself as a heavy user, then Asda has launched a further five tariffs aimed at different types of user ranging from just £5 per month for 200 texts up to £20 which gives you 500 minutes worth of calls.

For lighter users that require both calls and texts then for £10 per month you can receive 100 texts and make 100 minutes of calls.



If you use your phone just to make calls and texts then the unlimited tariff is an attractive deal, especially if you find you regularly exceed the number of inclusive texts and minutes offered by your current tariff.

If you opt for one of Asda’s other new tariffs, then any calls outside your inclusive package will be charged 8p per minute to any mobile network or standard landline and texts will be charged at 4p per message sent. You will need to make sure your phone is topped up to cover the cost of any usage that your chosen package doesn’t cover.

This could prove quite annoying if you find that you need to make an unexpected call or text as you will need to make sure the phone is topped up for the extra usage first – something that you don’t need to worry about with standard Pay as You Go, SIM-only or contract deals.

Top Tip

Look at your current usage and try and place yourself in one of the following categories:

Light user: Someone who uses minimal amount of calls and texts and only really has a phone for occasional use.

Medium user: Someone who uses around 500 texts and/or minutes per month and possibly a bit of internet data.

Heavy user: A constant phone user who may also need access to the internet from their phone.

Once you have decided what type of user you are you can then look into what kind of tariff would be suitable for you.

Read our article ‘How to get the best mobile tariff’ for a breakdown of the best deals out there at present.

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