Top lettings agents’ tips for a smooth move

Moving into a new place is exciting but it’s not without its challenges, so who better to talk about the best way to make renting easier than letting agents?

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Here’s our list of their top tips...

Know what you need to pay

You can expect to pay a deposit, at least a month’s rent in advance and letting fees, and you may even be asked for reference check fees and holding or reservation fees (which you will lose if you change your mind.)

Check your deposit is in a protection scheme

One thing you really need to clear about is whether your deposit is legally protected.

Always get a copy of the inventory of the property before you move in

Your landlord is required by law to put the deposit in a government-backed tenancy scheme. This means the deposit will definitely be returned to you at the end of your tenancy if you meet the terms of your agreement, don’t cause any damage and pay your rent and bills on time.

Have the correct documentation to hand

Before you sign any tenancy agreement, make sure you have the relevant employer and landlord references, as well as photo-ID and full addresses and postcodes for the last three years.

Get an inventory before you move in

Always get a copy of the inventory of the property before you move in.

This will outline the condition of the property, as well as any household items and furniture, and will remove confusion over any damage.

Know your rights

Remember, your rights as a tenant are protected by law, meaning there are certain rules your landlord needs to stick to.

For example, your landlord can’t visit your property without at least 24-hours’ warning and with a good reason,  and they must provide you with a well-maintained and safe property.

Also, any rent increases must be fair and reflect the rental rates in the surrounding area, and if your landlord decides to end your tenancy they must give you reasonable notice.

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