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As the price of gas and electricity continues to soar, lots of us are searching for a more competitive deal. But for many people, the thought of switching provider is daunting – but thankfully our advice team is on hand to help. Here’s a selection of answers to the questions they get asked most often by MoneySuperMarket customers


I want to switch on your site – what do I need?

You only need a few details to run a comparison on our energy channel, and it should all be on your bill.

First you’ll need to know your current supplier, as well as the name of your particular tariff. For the most accurate comparison, you’ll need your annual usage figure in kWh (kilowatt hours). If you don’t have a year’s usage, you can enter what you pay at the moment (weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually).

There’s also a handy tool on our website that can help you estimate your usage according to the type and size of your property, who lives there and when you tend to use energy.

You can fly through the whole process, from starting to enter your details to getting your table of results and choosing a competitive deal, in just five minutes.

Is it easy to switch?

It definitely is easy to switch. So once you get to the results page and identify the best tariff for your needs, you just have to fill in a quick application form online (assuming you’re not on the best tariff all ready, of course).

After that you can relax as the suppliers handle the whole switch for you. You’ll get a cooling off period in case you change your mind, which will be between 7-14 days depending on which supplier you choose.

Your new supplier will give your old one 28 days’ notice, so it will take around 4-6 weeks for the switch to go through.

Is there any physical work involved at my property?

No. The existing pipes, wires and meter will still be used after you’ve switched.

What if I’ve just moved in to my flat/house?

If you’re new to your property, you will have inherited the supplier the last occupants used. This firm will usually put you on its ‘Standard’ tariff, which can be expensive, so it’s important to switch quickly.

If you’re not sure who the supplier is, you can call your local distribution network to find out. Please click here for their phone number.

If you’re a tenant and you’re responsible for paying your energy bills, you have the right to change provider, but it’s best to keep your landlord informed.

What if I’m in debit/credit with my current supplier?

After around four weeks from the date you apply for a new tariff you will be asked for meter readings, to close down your old account and set up your new one.

If you’re in credit, that amount will be paid back to you automatically. If you owe money to the old supplier, that firm will ask you to pay off the balance with your final bill. If there’s a large balance on your account, and you don’t think you can pay it all at once, you could call your supplier to see if you can set up a repayment plan.

Should I opt for a fixed or variable rate fix?

If you’re worried about price increases, you could apply for a fixed tariff. That will mean the rates you pay for units of energy won’t change during your contract.

But that doesn’t mean a variable rate tariff might not be worth considering. It’s expected that prices will go up between 5% and 10% in the next round of price hikes. So if you find a variable tariff that is 10% cheaper than the most competitive fixed deal, it might be worth the risk.

For example, if the best fixed tariff would cost you £1000 a year but a variable tariff is available for less than £900, the variable plan might be a good option. Your price would have to rise by £100 a year before the fixed rate would work out cheaper.

What do I do now?

If you think you’re paying over the odds for your energy, please click here to run a comparison of leading tariffs. Or if you’d prefer to talk to someone over the phone, please call 0800 177 7861 to speak to one of our energy experts. The service is free and impartial, so why not see if you can save some money and feel great today?

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