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With winter closing in, the idea of losing heating or hot water for a sustained period doesn’t bear thinking about. However, one provider is now offering a repair service that guarantees a next-day response on one of the cheapest tariffs around…


After recent price falls in the gas and electric market, the emergence of a host of new tariffs and the impending introduction of long-term contracts my message to customers has been simple – search now with our gas and electricity comparison tool and find a better deal.

However, many consumers fear change – after all, how do they know that the service of a different provider will be as good as the one they currently receive? And who really wants to take that risk with the winter months approaching?

Well, now you can have the best of both worlds – because one of the cheapest tariffs on the market is offering a service guarantee if the worst happens.

The tariff in question is the British Gas Click Energy 4 product. If you read my Rate Alert article last week, you’ll know that this is the cheapest product on the market for the majority of users throughout the UK.

Now however, new and current Click Energy 4 customers can take advantage of a service called Priority Response.

For a cost of just £1.50 per month (£18 a year), Click Energy 4 customers (and other British Gas customers) can sign up for membership that guarantees peace of mind. If you suffer a loss of heat or hot water, then Priority Response membership ensures you will receive a call-out the very next day if you phone its 24-hour service line – otherwise, your membership will be refunded.

Currently, no other energy supplier is offering this kind of service. There is no charge for the call-out and in the event that your boiler breaks down you have guaranteed protection for you and your family.

The extra £1.50 a month (let’s be honest – that’s roughly the price of a pint of beer) is well worth paying out for the reassurance it offers, as it could save you hundreds of pounds in the event that you do suffer a central heating breakdown.

As Click Energy 4 is a market-leading product, the chances are that if you’re currently with a different provider you could move to this deal, add on Priority Response and still be saving money.

In fact, my tip is that you should use our gas and electricity comparison tool – that way by moving both your gas and electricity over from a different provider you’ll earn £30 cashback – which would more than cover the cost of a full year with Priority Response.

Bear in mind that Priority Response can only be paid by direct debit and the next-day response guarantee applies to emergency calls (loss of heat or hot water) only. It applies to all British Gas customers who don’t have a current service agreement on any tariff.

If you are an existing British Gas customer not currently on the Click Energy 4 deal you still qualify for Priority Response, but you should still compare rates to see if this market-leading tariff could be saving you more cash.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that any rates or deals mentioned in this article applied at the time of writing and may no longer be available/applicable today.

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