Protect your home this winter

Winter winds, rain and snow can take their toll on your home so here’s some simple checks to make sure it’s protected.

Let’s talk about protecting your home against the ravages of the winter weather. The idea is that you check your property, have a look around to see if there is anything you can do to minimize any damage that’s likely to occur.

A good place to start is gutters and drains. Now, it doesn’t sound very glamorous but it’s important that any water that’s running around, can get away from your property and doesn’t get into your property where it can cause lots of damage.

Gutters can often be inaccessible, so if you don’t feel confident in going up on the roof and checking them yourself, get a professional to do it. Also, get a professional to look at your roof tiles, to check that there’s no place that the water can get in.

It’s also a good idea to have the chimney checked, so there’s nothing loose there that might fall down with the wind, this also goes for TV aerials.

Down on the ground check your fences, sheds and any other outbuildings to make sure that everything’s sound. You can also check that any bushes or trees that are adjacent to your property are likely to fall down in a strong wind and damage your property and if they are, remove them yourself or pay a tree surgeon to do the job for you.

Quick word on trees, in many areas you can’t actually take down a tree without permission from the local council. So check that out before you do anything radical.

If it snows, try to get rid of any accumulations, especially on a flat roof and do what you can to make the walk ways safe if it’s icy.

Finally, if you’re a home owner make sure that you’ve got buildings insurance in place, two types of insurance for your house - content for your belongings and buildings for the fabric of the building its self and you need that in place, especially in the winter.

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