Max your luggage allowance – top packing tips

From choosing the right size of carry-on bag to being efficient with your suitcase space, our travel expert Bob Atkinson takes you through how to pack practically for your holiday

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Originally published May 15th 2017

The holiday you have been counting down the days until is finally here and it’s time to dust off your suitcase and pack for your well-deserved break.

But where do you start?

Check your baggage allowance

First things first, whether you are travelling hand-luggage only or are taking hold luggage, check your baggage allowance before you start to pack. These allowances vary between airlines and going over, even by a small amount, can be an expensive mistake.

Make a list

When you know which suitcase is suitable for your trip, make a list to make sure you don’t forget any of the essentials – such as your passport, any medication you need and sun cream. Use our downloadable packing lists as a starting point (we also have a packing list for children)

Don’t forget, if you are travelling hand luggage only, there is a limit on the liquids you can take on board, so you will need to pop these into a clear, plastic, sealable bag, before travelling.

When packing things such as gadgets and high value items, always place these in your hand luggage, not your checked in luggage, this is for insurance purposes.

Do you need it?

While it can be tempting to pack your entire wardrobe, think about each item before you pack it and ask yourself whether you will actually wear it while you are away. Go all Gok Wan and think about packing a “capsule” wardrobe.

Packing techniques

There are different schools of thought on packing with some people rolling all items and others folding but whichever you prefer, here are our top tips on packing your suitcase.

- Put heavy and bulky items – such as shoes – at the bottom of your case to prevent creasing everything else

- Save space and weight by packing lots of thin layers

- Check items off a list as you pack


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