Possession hearing - when you arrive at court

Watch a Directgov video that will let you know what to expect when you arrive at court and you are waiting for your hearing. Find out what may happen in your court hearing, including decisions the judge could make...

Narrator: On arrival at court you will be directed to a waiting room.

A list of hearings that the judge will hear that day is normally pinned to a notice board in the waiting area. If you are an unrepresented claimant or defendant, you should check the list when you arrive at court to see when your case is scheduled to be heard. If you have legal representation, your advisor will normally do this on your behalf.

When you arrive you should also make yourself known to the court usher so that he or she knows that you have arrived and are waiting for your case to be called. If you don’t do this you risk missing the hearing. Similarly, if you have to leave the waiting room for a comfort break or some other reason you should let the usher know that you need to leave for a short period of time. This means that if the judge calls your case when you’ve left for a short comfort break the usher will know about your whereabouts. Again, if you don’t let the usher know there’s a risk that you could miss your hearing.

While you wait for your case to be called, there may also be an opportunity to negotiate with the other party if you feel inclined to do so - by talking to them direct or to their representative. Remember you can at any stage try to reach an agreement with other party to settle the case. Given the opportunity, many people will be willing to discuss the case with you to see if there is some way to resolve the dispute. Remember, you can agree with the other party to settle the case at any time. Remember to tell the court that you have reached a settlement.

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