Pick up a free Nintendo DS or a free HDTV

Why talk when you can text?

That seems to be the view of an increasing number of mobile phone users as the texting phenomenon continues to grow.

As a nation we send more than 40billion texts each year according to Ofcom, the industry regulator. Independent research carried out for moneysupermarket.com found that individuals send an average of 133 texts a month yet many of them exceed the number of ‘free’ texts that are included in their tariff. We are wasting £8.45billion a year in extra texts and phone minutes. This is adding around £130 to the average person’s annual mobile bill.

However, these extra costs can easily be avoided if you are on the best tariff for your needs. There are so many good mobile deals available now that there really is a product for everyone and such is the competition in the market at the moment that providers are also throwing in freebies such as televisions and game consoles to attract new customers. So if you are paying more than you need, there’s never been a better time to switch.

Affordable Mobiles in association with Orange are offering a free 32-inch high-definition TV if you sign up for its Dolphin 35 tariff. It costs £35 per month and you must sign up to an 18-month contract, but you get a free Nokia 6300 handset and the tariff includes 500 minutes of calls to any mobile network or landline and unlimited text messages – perfect if you are a heavy texter.

Nokia 6300


Alternatively, if you would prefer a games console to a television, 3 has another deal that is ideal for those who send a lot of text messages. The £20 Texter tariff, which unsurprisingly costs £20 per month, includes an LG U300 Orange handset, 1,000 text messages and 100 voice minutes as well as a Nintendo DS White Lite. Again, to qualify for this deal you must sign up for an 18-month contract.

LG U300 handset


If these offers don’t suit your needs then you can easily find one that does. Online comparison tools take away the hassle of trying to work out which tariff offers the best value for your circumstances.

Disclaimer: Please note that any rates or deals mentioned in this article were available at the time of writing.

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