New cheapest energy tariff only with

For two days only and exclusively through, there’s a new cheapest dual fuel energy tariff available.

Households signing up to Scottish Power’s Online Energy Saver 9 will receive £60 cashback, making the average bill £862.24 – cheaper than the current market leader British Gas.

This deal is only available for two days – Wednesday and Thursday this week – so if you want to snap it up, you need to act fast.

Who’s offering what?

Without the cashback incentive, the cheapest energy provider at the moment is British Gas. Its WebSaver 6 product has an average bill of £899.00. Its standard tariff is also the cheapest, at £1,146.47 on average.

Scottish Power’s Online Energy Saver 9 has an average bill of £922.24, which drops to just over £860 once you factor in the cashback incentive.

With the average bill for a standard tariff coming in at £1,223.42, that means thousands of households could easily save as much as £361.18 just by switching.


Is it right for me?

This is a great offer from Scottish Power but it won’t be right for everyone. For a start, if you’re already a customer with the provider, you won’t qualify for that incentive.

Having said that, if you were paying its average standard tariff of £1,361.95 and moved to British Gas’ WebSaver 6 deal, you’d save an average of £462.95 a year – which should be incentive enough!

There are a number of factors which determine which energy tariff is best for you, including where you live and the amount of gas and electricity you use.

Identifying the best deal is simple: use’s comparison tool and input your postcode, details of your existing provider and the amount you pay or consume (based on your most recent bill) to find the cheapest tariff and potential savings you could make by switching. You can then click through and arrange the transfer online.

Please note: Any rates or deals mentioned in this article were available at the time of writing.

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