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To celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday, we’ve rounded up some tried and tested money tips from our mums.

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Kathy Hughes, 51, mum to senior content producer, Rachel Hughes 

“Budget your money so you know how much you can spend each week, and stick to cash instead of using your card. You won’t spend as much if you have to physically hand the money over.”

Jo McCulloch, 58, mum to social media manager, Charlotte McCulloch
“Always try to save half of what you earn and make sure you start putting in to a pension as soon as possible.”

Jane Bolger, 62, mum to Dan Bolger, head of publishing
“Long term, always budget your finances so you have some left for the saving pot – and some for the fun things in life.”

Monica Warner 64, mum to Rachel Ditchburn, partnership manager
“Make sure you use up as much of your ISA allowance as you can each year. The tax-free pot will grow and grow! But sometimes, make the choice to splash out on great times with your family...investing in memories is very important too!”

Bal Shargall, 50, mum to app writer, Anita Shargall
“Always take your own lunch into work – you’ll save yourself a fortune.”

Annie Andrews, 63, mum to video producer, Suzanne Biddle
“Don’t forget to enjoy the money you earn as you can’t take it with you. Money is for spending!”

Frances Pratt, mum to insurance editor, Kevin Pratt used to advise her son…
“Never play cards with your Dad.”

Article originally published March 13, 2015

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