Mobile roaming fees to fall by 70 percent

It seems that ET isn’t the only one who likes to phone home...

Us Brits certainly like to do it too and whether we’re away on business and constantly keeping in touch with the office, or we’re taking a short break and want to check up on the family we’ve left behind, it’s been costing us far too much for too long to make a simple phone call…

That was until now… or rather until July.

For that is when the cost of calling home from Europe could be capped at 30p/min after telecoms ministers from the EU’s 27 countries agreed to cut roaming fees by up to 70%. This is great news for the UK public with savings potentially in excess of £100 for people making and receiving a couple of hours of calls. The onus though, is still on the consumer to think ahead when travelling if they want to make real savings.

One deal you should certainly consider is the X-Series from 3-Mobile. 3 have dubbed this the ‘world mobile’ and it’s a complete package if you are a regular traveller. It allows free phone calls to Skype users, free instant messaging and for those of you looking to access the internet you simply pay a flat fee for broadband and aren’t judged based on downloads, messages or minutes you spend online (of course a fair use policy does apply, as with any broadband deal). Here is my pick of one of the best X-Series handsets and deals. Click this link to learn more about the offer:

At we also have a guide to international roaming. Here you will find a money saving article outlining the cheapest networks to both make and receive calls from, whether you’re travelling to Germany, Spain, France, the USA or Australia. The international roaming guide offers a thorough examination of how you can cut your costs abroad and, broadly speaking, that will be dependent on whether you fall into one of two categories – a frequent flyer or a leisure traveller.

Frequent flyers…

If you regularly travel abroad (more than twice a year), you’ll find there are huge savings to be made by avoiding network charges altogether and picking up a SIM card. There are a number of SIM card providers such as OneRoam, Simply-Fone and Sim4Travel that specialise in providing overseas cards. If you regularly visit one country you should pick up a local SIM card from one of these providers, and if you travel to several countries pick up a global SIM card, which allow you to roam almost anywhere in the world.

The tables in our international roaming guide show that with 100mins of incoming and outgoing calls you could save as much as £170 by moving to the cheapest SIM card. Even if you are with the least expensive network you could save close to £40. Read our international roaming guide now to find out where to find a SIM card and how to use them.

Leisure travellers…

If you go away just once or twice a year, the savings that can be made with a SIM card will be negated by the initial cost of the SIM and unlocking your phone. Consequently you should look to use the cheapest network. Of course travelling should only be part of the picture you should consider – remember to use the mobile phones comparison tool to get yourself on the cheapest available deal.

If you’re making around 10mins of calls abroad then the majority of networks work out cheaper than SIM cards as our international roaming guide explains. Read it now to find out which networks are the cheapest in each country.

For most of us, simply leaving our mobile phone at home just isn’t an option – it’s become almost as essential to our travel plans as a passport and a toothbrush! However, if you’re smart and consider the charges ahead of time you’ll find you have a lot more money waiting on you when you get home.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that any rates or deals mentioned in this article applied at the time of writing and may no longer be available/applicable today.

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