Get on top of your new-address admin

If you're organised, you can sort out all the admin and paperwork that comes with moving to a new address in no time at all. Here's a helping hand to get you started.

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Take gas and electricity meter readings as soon as you’re in

This will ensure you only pay for the supply that you use, and not the previous occupant’s. And when contacting the existing utility supplier, it’s worth checking the tariff the house is on so you can seek out options to switch and save yourself some money on your new property from the very start.

Make sure you’re covered from day one

Your home insurance comes in two parts – buildings and contents. You need to make sure your buildings cover, which protects against structural damage, is in place from the moment you exchange contracts, and your contents cover is at least in place from the day you move in.

Set up mail redirection with Royal Mail to take care of any post going to your old address

You also need to make sure you change the address on your car insurance, as well as any changes to the terms, for instance, you may now park your car on a drive rather than the street. You’ll most likely be charged an admin fee for these changes, so make sure you make all the changes at the same time so you don’t have to pay more than once.

Changing your address

Make sure you update everything on the list below with your new address, and maybe set up mail redirection with Royal Mail to take care of any post going to your old address.

The redirection service runs for three, six or even 12 months and will ensure that you won’t miss important letters during the selected period (it will also reduce the risk of identity fraud).

  • Banks and building societies
  • Credit and store card providers
  • DVLA
  • Electoral Register
  • Gas, electric, phone and internet service providers
  • Your mobile phone company
  • TV licensing
  • Pay TV providers
  • Doctor, dentist, optician
  • Car, home, health and travel insurance providers
  • Loyalty card schemes
  • Your employer
  • Subscriptions
  • School
  • Vet, microchipping service
  • Catalogue/online retailers
  • (Family and Friends!)

And don’t forget to let the milkman and other important deliveries and services know about your move.

Once you’ve moved in…

Establish where the main water tap, gas mains and electricity switchboard is in case of any emergencies. If you can’t locate them, get back in touch with your estate agent or landlord. 

Check all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms have working batteries and are clean and in good working order.

Check the locks on windows and doors ensuring they are completely secure and satisfy your home insurance requirements.

Check your local paper or seek out the community and local pages of your new area on Facebook so you can access recommendations for tradespeople to help with any short-term fixes that your property might need.

Rubbish collections – pop round and ask your new neighbours when your rubbish is collected and where from. It’s worth looking into where the local waste and recycling centre is too as you may have excess waste following your move.

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