Making your garden contents safe and secure

Your home insurance covers you for items in your garden as well as in the home…do you know how you’re covered?

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Want to keep your garden contents safe? Here are 10 top tips!

1. Insurers will be clear about what’s included in your insurance, but you might have to search through the small print to find out if your garden’s covered.

2. Keep your fences in a good state and make a habit of keeping gates locked and bolted. Something as simple as this can deter opportunistic thieves

3. Keep your shed locked with a solid padlock – a combination lock is a good option if you’re worried about losing the key.

4. Lock up tools, bikes and any other valuables rather than leaving them in your garden – because they probably won’t be insured if they’re left out overnight.

5. Not all insurers include damage to garden walls, gates or fences, so it’s worth checking that they’re covered in your buildings insurance.

6. Installing a security light is a good way of putting off thieves at night or during the dark winter evenings.

7. Don’t forget to add pricey garden items to your contents insurance, making sure that you declare any items that are higher than your policy’s single item limit. It’s also a good idea to keep your receipts in case you ever need them for insurance claims.

8. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden crammed with expensive stuff, it might be worth looking at a ‘high net worth’ home insurance policy.

9. And if you have a hot tub, jacuzzi or swimming pool, they don’t tend to be included automatically, so tell your insurer!

10. Finally, it’s worth finding out when your garden might NOT be covered – most insurers won’t cover you for loss or damage when your home is empty.

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