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Life cover that provides for your dependants if you die prematurely is an absolute must-have, so it’s important to spend time getting the right policy

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Some things in life - such as life insurance - simply shouldn’t be rushed.

This is one of the most important purchases you will ever make. If you die unexpectedly with no cover in place, the financial impact on your family can be devastating and long-lasting. That’s why it’s worth the time to get it right.

You need to know your policy will provide all the cover you’re looking for - enough money to clear any debts and provide for your dependants until they can stand on their own feet financially, with all the relevant boxes ticked regarding your health, occupation and lifestyle.

That’s why we ask a significant number of detailed questions so that we can work with our insurance company partners to give you an accurate, guaranteed premium within seconds of your last answer being typed into the MoneySuperMarket site.

Leading the way

We’ve actually taken buying life insurance online to a new level in recent months.

Previously, in common with other comparison sites, we would ask a handful of general questions and provide you with an estimate of how much you would be charged by the insurance companies.

You’d then go to your chosen insurer’s own site, where you’d have to answer another set of questions in order to obtain the actual premium applicable to your policy.

We decided that was unsatisfactory, so we overhauled the process, bringing everything onto our own site. Now you can answer all the relevant questions in one place, get an accurate, guaranteed quote (one that’s been ‘underwritten’, as insurers say), and then complete the purchase and have cover in place.

Details, details

Insurers price their policies on factors such as your health and that of your immediate family, whether you smoke, how much alcohol you drink, your age and your job. Other things are taken into account, but these are the main ones.

Our questions ask you for information about any illnesses or conditions you may have suffered in the past or which afflict you at the moment. It’s important to be as accurate and complete as possible with your answers. This ensures two things - the price you’re charged will reflect your situation, and there should be no delay or arguing over any claim made on the policy.

If you’d like to someone to talk to about your application for life insurance, you can contact our broker partner, Lifesearch, for free on 0800 170 1963.

Compare life insurance quotes

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