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How to pay for your TV licence

IT’S a legal requirement to have a television licence, yet well over a million people don’t, and – according to TV Licensing – many are prepared to give some fantastic excuses as to why they are without one.

18 June 2013


Can you cut your water bills?

Water bills will rise by an average 3.5% over the next year, according to regulator Ofwat, adding to the misery of households already squeezed by rising energy and fuel prices.

05 February 2013


5 top tips for buying a second hand car

A new car can depreciate by as much as 20% the second it leaves the showroom, and it can have as much as 40% wiped off its value within its first year on the road – so buying used could be seen as the more financially savvy option.

24 January 2013


Broadband allowances: know your limits

With all the festivities coming over the next few weeks, you could be forgiven for accidentally going over your limits – broadband, that is, not booze.

06 December 2012


How to cover long term care fees

The average life expectancy for a female born in 2010 is a ripe old 82.3 years, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), while a baby boy born in the same year can expect to grace the earth for an average 78.2 years.

23 November 2012


What’s the best TV package?

With Sky and Virgin hiking their prices in recent months, the spotlight is on how to find the best-value TV deal – especially in the run-up to the festive season.

21 November 2012


Is a credit card better than an overdraft?

We are hurtling towards the most expensive time of year but, while 62% of people plan to cover festive costs using their savings or disposable income according to our MoneySupermarket poll, a further 14% will be relying on overdrafts and credit cards. But making the wrong decision about which of kind of borrowing to opt for could mean it’s more costly than it needs to be.

09 November 2012

man on phone using laptop

Should you opt for fibre optic broadband?

Superfast broadband via fibre optic cables sounds good, but I’ve always wondered how much hassle it would be to upgrade, and I assumed it would be a lot more expensive than standard ADSL broadband down the phone line.

19 September 2012

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