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Want a great holiday deal, but need inspiration? travelsupermarket.com has launched its new holiday search facility which will allow you to find the perfect holiday at the perfect price...

Bob Atkinson: When it comes to trying to find your main holiday for this year, one of the things that customers often tell us is ‘we don’t really know where we want to go, and we want to try and pick between lots of different destinations, compare dates, compare prices and that’s very very hard to do, so can you help us solve that problem?’

So, over the last few months we have been beavering away, trying to work what we can do to try and help you the customer to make it far more easier to find the holidays that you are looking for, and we are really proud to announce now our new search and look facility on the package holiday channel.

So, let’s take you through some of the things you can do.

So, for travelsupermarket.com to give you some great places to go and great prices, start by filling in the search box – now if you don’t know where to go, simply leave the box for the destination completely open - or if you know you want to go to Europe or say a country, Spain or even something like the Greek Islands – key that in and what we’ll do is then go off and bring you back all the various options, and as you can see here when you leave it completely open we bring back a massive range of destinations to choose from in price order.

You can browse through those, have a look at our great tips, reasons to go to a destination, check out the weather and the rainfall to see if it’s suitable, and you can even filter them out on the left hand side by picking things like star ratings or even individual departure airports to narrow down the searches.

Or, alternatively you can actually do a search and name where you would want to go. So, in this example we have named a destination, with it being Egypt, and when going though we can easily see all the results for the Red Sea area that we have actually selected there. And again, on the page there is a whole range of different functionality that you can now use to start to narrow down what’s right for you.

If you have a look at the top, the date that you have selected to travel you can actually see the days either side and that is great as it allows you to check if going a day later or a day earlier or several days later or earlier is actually cheaper, and maybe a better deal for you.

If you look down on the left hand side a whole range of filters to narrow down the results so you can have a look at things like star ratings, you can look at the departure airport, you can even pick your favourite suppliers - the ones that you are particularly interested in travelling with, maybe a big brand name or a company that you have travelled with and knows to give you a good deal.

In addition you can also look by the board rating, and every time you change the settings the results will come back in a slightly different order giving you full control of the various prices that are there and allowing you to compare the prices.

Additionally, if you look at each individual property you can see where multitude of suppliers are offering the same hotel or apartment but will have different prices so you can then easily compare between property as well and by clicking on the property you can get full information about that property, what there is there, what the property offers and of course some great photos to help inspire you and make the decision before you go through and make your booking.

So, whether you are looking for a beach resort, somewhere further away, long haul or within Europe or maybe just a city break its worth checking out new package holiday search.

We have given you the tools there to help you with your inspiration, to help you look to see if you are getting a great deal versus other days you could travel or other providers that offer those destinations.

So, get in, get checking now and find a holiday to suit you. Whether it’s for your main summer break or whether it be a cheeky little weekend away, maybe with the family or without the family, something just to go and enjoy yourself.

So, get cracking now and get yourself a great deal.

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