What kids think about money

How much is a lot of money? And if you had a lot of money what would you spend it on? Clare Francis spoke to some children from Euxton Primrose Hill Primary School in Lancashire to find out their views on money…

What kids think about money

Attitudes towards money vary massively, whether you’re a child or an adult. We have just spoken to some of the children behind me from Euxton Primrose Hill primary school, who have just had a lesson in money management; just to see what they think is a lot of money, what they save their money for and how much they think things like a house and a car cost.

How much pocket money do you get?

I get two pounds off my Grandma and one pound off my dad.

I get about three to four pounds.

About a pound, I only get it if I get all my spellings right and if I’m good.

One pound fifty a week.

What do you do with your pocket money?

Well if it’s under a pound we usually put it in a piggy bank and if it’s over a pound, I might put it in my bank account.

Because I’ve got an Xbox I’d spend it on a game.

I save it up, but after Halloween and before Easter I’m not really allowed to spend it, even though I do ask.

I save it up because I want to save it to put in the bank.

Currently I’m doing horse riding, so I’m saving up for horse riding stuff.

How much do you think is a lot of money?

About a hundred pounds

Thirty pounds

Around about One Hundred and Fifty pounds

I think about twenty pounds because you can buy loads of stuff with just twenty pounds

What would you do with that amount of money?

Xbox games.

If it was my Birthday or something I would spend it on myself or someone else. But, if not I’d probably put most of it in my bank account.

I would spend it on my family.

An iPhone

I might put it towards something or I’ll buy a Wii game or something.

How much do you think a house costs?

Seventy Five Thousand

Over Fifty thousand

Around about Thirty Thousand

Fifty Thousand

Ten Thousand

How much do you think a car costs?

Eighteen grand.

About ten thousand.

Five thousand.

About Eighteen to Thirty thousand pounds.

About Thirty Thousand to Three Hundred Thousand or something.

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