Is love in the air this Valentine’s Day?

Ed Towner takes to the streets of London’s West End to find out

Ed Towner: Many people are still feeling the pinch after an expensive Christmas period, but does this mean we’re not willing to shell out on our loved ones this coming Valentine's Day?

Will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Lady 1: Well, I’m taking my husband Go-Kart racing after he has surprised me, that’s my surprise for him!

Lady 2: Yes, I will be celebrating it.

ET: With your partner?

Lady 2: Oh no, I don’t have a partner but still, I will be celebrating!

ET: What are your plans?

Lady 2: Going with my friends for dinner, eating lots of chocolates and seeing my nieces and nephews.

Lady 3: Well, I’m hoping that my husband has got something organised for me but I’m not going to hold my breath too much. We usually celebrate by going out for a nice meal somewhere special.

ET: Lovely, is he the one that foots the bill for that?

Lady 3: He is, absolutely yes, I’m a bit old fashioned like that.

Man 1: Yes, we do something every year because that is my birthday!

Lady 4: Yes, I cook a meal for him and, just do that really!

Lady 5: No!

ET: Oh, why not?!

Lady 5: I’ve got to work during Valentine’s Day so we’ll just do something the day before.

Man 2: I buy her a card.

Man 3: Probably go for a nice meal, and just chill out.

Man 4: I doubt it, probably not. I ain’t got a girlfriend; I’ve had too many – they’re hard work!

Man 1: I give her a present and if she gives me something back, I’m happy, but I think it’s for girls!

ET: Do you set a budget?

Man 2: For a card? No, I’m not mister Scrooge!

Couple 1, Lady: We are kind of celebrating it a bit early.

Couple 1, man: But for the weekend I have something planned

Couple 1, Lady: Oh, do you?

Couple 1, Man: I do, but I don’t want to give it away but it has to do with something in LA...

ET: Can you give us some hints?

Couple 1, Man: Think: moonlight, restaurant, skyline...

Couple 1, Lady: I didn’t have anything planned!

Couple 1, Man: Yeah, thanks a lot man!

ET: Are you doing anything for Valentines this year?

Bear: *Shakes head*

Would you consider using a discount voucher?

Man 5: On Valentine’s Day maybe not, I don’t know I’m not sure, I’d have to be convinced.

Lady 4: Yes, if it saves me money, it depends where they were for.

Man 6: Of course, why not?

Lady 1: Of course, yes. It would be good deal!

Man 3: Yes, I would, I’m a student so I’m living on a budget anyway, so I would consider vouchers.

Lady 6: Yes, why not?

ET: Well there we have it. It seems no matter how hard up we are, nothing gets in the way a bit of romance during Valentine's Day.

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