Is breakdown cover worth adding to your car insurance?

Is it worth adding breakdown cover to your car insurance policy?

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If you’ve ever broken down in your car, you’ll probably say YES!

We all feel relieved to be rescued from the roadside – especially by a mechanic WITHOUT a massive bill in their overalls pocket.

Trying to arrange breakdown cover on the spot when you actually break down can be time-consuming, costly and stressful.

To make sure you get the right breakdown cover for your needs and your pocket, here are five things to remember:

1. You can usually buy breakdown cover with your car insurance. Deluxe car insurance policies will have it included, while with others you tick a box and pay for it on top. The price you pay will depend on the make and age of your car, your annual mileage and where you live.

2. Not all breakdown cover is the same. At the basic end of the scale, your car will be repaired at the roadside or you’ll be towed to the nearest garage. With plusher policies, if your car can’t be repaired there and then, you’ll be taken to your onward destination or offered overnight accommodation.

3. Some breakdown policies only kick in when you’re a certain number of miles away from home. Others will come and work on your car at home if you can’t get it started.

4. With breakdown cover, you to choose whether to cover your car or yourself – if you cover yourself, this means you can call for assistance whatever car you are in, as a driver or a passenger. This is more expensive than simply covering your car, as you’d probably expect.

5. If you want to drive in Europe, check whether your breakdown cover will work abroad. . Then if you have a breakdown while overseas, you can still call for help.

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