iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus - which is best?

Do you remember the previous battle where we compared the Blackberry Torch with the iPhone 4? Well, it's the turn of the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus to be put through its paces against an upgraded opponent - the iPhone 4S...

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Les Roberts: We’ve compared the iPhone with the best that Blackberry has to offer, and I think it’s fair to say that Apple gave Blackberry a bit of a kicking.

This time, it's Samsung’s turn to challenge Apple for the smartphone crown with the Galaxy Nexus, released last month.

Mark Hooson: Although the iPhone eventually came out on top against the Blackberry, I still took some stick because the iPhone 4 had problems with the signal dropping out.

Since then, the iPhone 4S has been released and Apple has fixed the problem.

The 4S has a dual-band aerial, unlike the old model, which means it should be as reliable as any other smartphone.

LR: At last! An iPhone you can actually use as a phone. Anyway, although it was found wanting in some areas, the iPhone has always been lauded for the quality of its screen, but the Nexus might just be better.

The first thing you notice when picking up the Nexus is the size of its screen which takes up almost the entire front panel of the phone. And at 4.65 inches across diagonally it’s over an inch bigger than the screen on the 4S.

MH: One thing the iPhone wasn’t lauded for last time was its camera.

The iPhone 4 had a five mega-pixel camera, which wasn’t bad – but it wasn’t as good as some other smartphones.

But Apple has sorted that too – the 4S has an eight mega-pixel camera.

LR: OK, so the camera is one area in which the 4S definitely gets one over on the Samsung as the Nexus only has a five megapixel camera - which is odd really as the older Samsung Galaxy S2 houses an eight megapixel camera.

MH: The 4S has the same processor as the iPad 2 (the A5) which means better graphics, better performance and shorter loading times.

LR: I think the iPhone wins this round as, although the Nexus does have a dual-core processor, it’s not as powerful as the iPhone’s A5.

MH: If this is going to be a close fight then the iPhone may claim a win on points thanks to Siri – the voice activated personal assistant.

LR: As far as voice recognition software goes, the Nexus uses Google’s not-so-snappily titled Voice Actions.

It allows you to send texts, dictate emails, navigate to different places and call up web pages. However, this system is no Siri and could definitely do with a reboot!

MH: Speaking of reboots, Apple have taken note of the features available on other smartphones and incorporated them into its new iOS5 software. Now iPhone users have features such as a notifications bar and the iMessage service – which is a lot like Blackberry’s BBM service.

LR: If we’re comparing operating systems, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the first smartphone to have Ice Cream Sandwich, Android’s latest operating system.

Apparently, Ice Cream Sandwich merges the best of Honeycomb with Android 2.3 Gingerbread…which sounds tasty at least!

MH: The other thing that puts the 4S ahead is the integration with the iCloud.

All your music, photos, apps and other data gets saved to the iCloud, so that you can pick it up on other Apple devices, like your iPad.

It gives you a pretty secure back-up of all your data, so you’ll never have to worry about losing it all.

LR: The Nexus doesn’t have anything to really rival ‘the Cloud’ – unless you utilise Google Docs I suppose -  but one little gimmick that’s worth a mention is the facial recognition system used to unlock the screen.

MH: The 4S can’t do anything like that, but it still has iTunes and the App Store, giving you access to millions of songs and applications which can’t be beaten on other phones.

LR: Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus definitely gives the iPhone 4S a run for its money and it is, by far, the best Android handset currently on the market.

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