Ideas for a spring break

Lost for ideas? Bob Atkinson runs through all the great travel options you could take advantage of during this spring break season... 

Bob Atkinson: Well, I don’t know about you but, as soon as we get into the spring time I’m thinking about going away on a break, something ahead from the main summer holidays, whether it’s a little quick short break here in the UK or abroad,  or maybe even a cheeky week away somewhere in the sun.

What we are going to do in this video is show you some of the things that you can do between now and the main summer holiday, to give yourself a little bit of a recharge after the long winter.

Let’s see some ideas...

Last minute winter sun

Now, the obvious holiday you can take at this time of the years is a last-m inute winter sun break. So whether you are looking at somewhere like the Canaries – prices starting at only about £300 – or places like Tunisia where you can get bargains for about £250 at the moment. There is plenty to choose from and of course Egypt is very much now back in business.

Long-haul holidays

But of course short hauls maybe not for me. I like somewhere a bit more long haul. So, I’ve got my trusty beach towel here, I’ve got my sun cream, I’ve got my shades ready to go and I’m going to head off to somewhere like the Caribbean, where I can get a week all-inclusive for under £800 in March, April or May, or even Florida - get to the Florida beaches, you can do a fly-drive for only £500 – what is holding you back.

European city breaks

Now, I don’t know about you but, I love my city breaks - a great opportunity to do some sightseeing, shopping, have some great food and just really kick back, relax and enjoy something completely different, and there is a massive range to choose from here from the UK.

There’s also classics like Paris, you can go much further afield to somewhere like New York – costing only £500 – and look we’ve got some great examples of new ideas – Istanbul, Marrakech, Krakow, Stockholm. Go somewhere different and really go and enjoy a great city break.

UK city break

And if you don’t like cities abroad, there is loads to do in the UK, in British cities. Everywhere from London to Edinburgh, Manchester to Cardiff, Belfast, Newcastle, Bristol, Bath and many, many more. Accommodation starts from as low as £35 per person [per night] for a weekend. So, it’s a great option to go somewhere close to home and still have a great break away.

UK cottage breaks

And while we are on the UK theme, why not think about cottages. Now, these are great for families or big groups of people, even if there is just two of you and you want somewhere small to go and get yourself away. Anywhere for the Lake District, to Wales, Scotland, down to the West Country, there is loads to choose from, and if you look carefully may cottages will even allow you to take your own dog with you. So......walkies anyone!


Now another idea is to take a cruise. You can do a three night break from under £400 to a couple of ports in northern Europe, or just go away for a week to the Med – easily achievable for under £800, or the Caribbean for under £1,000. Great value breaks, something really different.

Family holiday

A great family option for a short break between now and the summer is to go to one of the holiday parks. Now, in the UK we have got everywhere from Butlins, Pontins through to Centre Parks, all giving you a different experience.

But of course, if you really want the ultimate theme park break, you’ve got to go to Disney! So, get yourself over to Paris, there is some brilliant deals out there at the moment. You can go and see people like, Mickey and Minnie and the fabulous Buzz Lightyear with the great big Toy Story thing that is going on there now.

Spa break

This is the ultimate in relaxation! You need to get away on a spa weekend – prices under £80 for a weekend including dinner, bed and breakfast and treatments.

So, whether you want anything from a pedicure to a full facial, or if you want massages all through to spa and steam and treatments you’ve never heard of, get going now for a spa break – I’m going back to rest.

Ferry trip

Another really cool idea is to grab the ferry, get over to Ireland or over to France. You can do one way trips from as little as £25 per person including the car. So it’s a great way to get away to get away get some goodies and just get away from Blighty for a few days and try something different.

Last minute skiing

Well, I don’t know about you but a last minute ski trip is the business at the end of March and April – look I’ve already lost my ski sticks and my gloves – but, if you want some last minute snow you can get it in Europe, you need to head high...big high resorts like Val Thorens or Zermatt, you can get cheap flight over there, you can still get some last minute snow before the end of the season.

Got to catch up, back to the slopes!

So, we hope we have given you a few ideas there of things you can do between now and the main summer holidays. The important thing is get yourself a break, it does you wonders and is really going to spur you on for those next few months before summer comes.

And, don’t forget use price comparison to get the best possible prices on your flights, hotels, package holidays and more. Don’t forget those extras, insurance, money, car parking - all cheaper when you come through and do a full price comparison.

Have a great time!

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