How will streamlined broadband switching make the process quicker and slicker?

Switching broadband just got easier, as our broadband expert Gautam explains in this video

Gautam Srivastava: Ofcom have made changes to broadband switching and have changed to what is known as a ‘gaining provider led’ process.

But what does this mean for you?

The provider you are switching to will look after the whole switching process. So that’s reduced hassle for you!

You don’t need to call up your existing provider to cancel your contract with them, and you also don’t have to call them to get something called a MAC – or Migration Authorisation Code - anymore!

As part of this new process you will receive a notice of transfer letter in the mail from your old provider confirming the upcoming transfer and cancellation.

What is even better is that all services will be switched at the same time, so there should less chance of interruption to your service.

Ofcom believes this new process should make broadband switching much easier and speedier. It really is going to be as simple as finding the right new deal for you and signing up.

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