How we saved MP £10,000

The experts at are never people to turn down a challenge and following a meeting with the Liberal Democrat MP, Mark Oaten, a few weeks ago we pledged to save him a few thousand pounds by evaluating his finances and identifying how to reduce his outgoings.


Like many households, the Oaten family, has been feeling the pinch as rising bills and the credit crunch have had an impact on the family finances. Mark was therefore more than happy to give us the opportunity to fulfil our pledge. And he was even happier when the savings exceeded his expectations – we managed to save the Oaten family a staggering £10,000 a year simply by re-jigging their finances and switching providers. Mark wrote about the experience in the Sunday Times and you can read the full article by clicking here.

So if the Oatens can save thousands so easily, the chances are you can too. Set yourself a challenge to see how much you can cut your outgoings by, by using our insurance, money, utilities, mobile and broadband comparison tools. Then visit our forum and let us know how you got on.

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