How to switch your energy provider

With energy prices soaring there has never been a better time to switch.

It's quick and easy to do and you could save hundreds of pounds. Here are some tips to help you switch...

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Switching your energy provider is really easy, and you’re likely to save money.

You’re going to need a recent utility bill. Then, go to a well-known price comparison site...

You’ll need some information like your postcode, details of your current provider and tariff. Don’t worry, it’s all on the bill.

Then choose a new money-saving tariff… the biggest saving will be at the top of the list.

Fill in your name, phone number and bank details for the direct debit, and the new provider will take care of all the rest.

You’ll be contacted with a date for the switch, and asked to give meter readings so everybody charges the right amount.

A little hint, energy prices are set to keep rising, so I’d go for a fixed deal, which will protect you from price hikes for a set period. Then at the end of that period, switch again and keep saving.

It takes no time at all, and nothing will change, no digging up pipes in your garden or street, and your energy supply will continue seamlessly. All the complicated stuff is done for you, and the only change you’ll notice is you’ll be saving money on your bills.

You could say it’s easy peasy...

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