How to switch to the cheapest energy tariff in the UK

 Switching your energy provider can be a quick and easy way to reduce your household bills.


We’ve teamed up with EDF to negotiate the cheapest one year fixed energy tariff in the UK*. Priced at just £724 a year for an average household, it’s £339 a year cheaper than a Standard Variable Rate (SVR) from one of the big six energy providers†.

Here are the details of the deal along with the steps you need to take to switch your energy provider with minimum fuss or hassle.

What’s included in the deal?

Here’s are the key details of our exclusive deal:

- The EDF Energy May 17 1-year fixed tariff is available exclusively through MoneySuperMarket

- The rate is fixed until 31 May 2017

- The tariff is only available to new EDF Energy customers

- There is a cap of 25,000 customers, and it will be withdrawn anyway on 20 May 2016 – when it’s gone, it’s gone!

- For typical households, there will be an average annual bill of just £724

- You have to manage your account online
- If you switch to another tariff during the fixed period, you’ll be charged an exit fee of £25 per fuel.

What do I need to do to switch to EDF?

Changing your energy supplier is a straight forward process. Make a note of your meter readings and supply them to your current supplier so they can accurately calculate your final bill.

You’ll also need to send your readings to your new supplier. They will ask you for these when signing up, and they’ll deal with any other admin.

There’ll be no work done at your property or in the street outside.

In fact, the only thing you should notice about the switch is the fact that your bills will be lower in the future!

Why should I switch my energy provider?

The electricity and gas regulator Ofgem reckons that around 10 million people are still with the same firm they’ve always had.

For those that have never switched, it is likely you’ll be on your supplier’s SVR tariff. SVR tariffs are typically the most expensive tariffs to be on and in some cases can be hundreds of pounds more than other deals on the market. 

Staying loyal to your provider often doesn’t pay, so make sure you run an energy comparison quote to catch a glimpse of the savings that can be made.

How long does it take to switch?

It takes around five minutes to run a quote on a price comparison website, and another 5-10 minutes to complete the transaction after you’ve clicked through to the supplier.

After you have completed your switch online, you should be set up with your new supplier within 17 days.

For more information on why you should change suppliers, take a look at our myth-busting video below.

*Based on dual fuel, monthly direct debit and Ofgem average usage of 12500kwh Gas and 3100kwh Electric averaged across all regions

† The average Big Six standard variable tariff is £1,063, based on monthly direct debit, dual fuel and Ofgem average usage figures on paperless billing.


Please note: any rates or deals  mentioned in this article were available at the time of writing. Click on a highlighted product and apply direct.

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