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Getting your internet connection from a provider that is faster and more reliable could actually cost you LESS! We show you how to switch.

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So, switching your broadband provider to a cheaper one might be something you want to do to save money.

But you might also want to increase your broadband speed, download more, add services to a bundle, and/or change your TV deal.

So, if you want to switch, how do you go about it in simple steps?

The first thing you need to do before you switch is to look at your existing contract and see whether you have got any cancellation charges that you'll need to pay to. Check those fees and work out whether it’s worth paying them or it's too expensive.

Note that when you tell your existing provider you want to move to a new firm, it will be very keen to hang onto your business. So it might come up with an attractive offer to tempt you to stay. If it does weigh this up against any potential new deals and see which the best is for you.

When it comes to a new contact there's various things you need to look out for:

- Will there be a cancellation fee if you want to leave before the end of the contract?

- What is the speed of the broadband you will get?

- Are there any limits on how much you can download?

- What’s the total cost of the package once you take line rental into account?

When you decide to move to a new provider they will be delighted to have your business and they will probably do most of the work for you. But one thing you might need to do is contact your old provider and get your Migration Authorisation Code (MAC) and then give that to your new provider and the job will almost be done.

Now finally, once you have decided to switch and the process is underway there will inevitably be disruption to your broadband supply. Talk to your new provider and ask it how long it expects them to be and then chase them up and make sure they stick to that timetable.

In the meantime you might need to think about making alternative arrangements so that you have access to broadband somewhere else, maybe with a friend or at the local library so you don’t lose all contact with the internet completely.

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