How to keep your home’s contents safe

In this video we interview Kevin Pratt, Insure & Home editor at MoneySuperMarket, for his tips on protecting your contents...

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When you buy content insurance you need to make sure you don’t leave any gaps, otherwise you’ll be disappointed and possibly out of pocket if and when you have to make a claim.

For instance, if you own anything that’s worth fifteen hundred or two thousand pounds, you need to list it separately on the policy. It could be a laptop, set of golf clubs, some jewelry, works of art or antiques - just make sure that you note them down separately so that you can claim the full amount if and when you have to.

It’s also worth checking to see that you have cover for items that you take out of the home, such as your phone, your laptop, or your tablet. Some policies include this as standard, or you might have to pay an extra premium. It’s worth checking to see that you’ve got all of the protection that you require. Also think about your bicycle, a musical instrument, anything that you take out of the home - just make sure you’ve got protection.

Let’s think for a minute outside the home; in a garage or shed. Do you keep anything valuable there? Could be a chest freezer full of food or a snazzy lawnmower, or just bits and pieces you can’t find a home for in the house. Check on your policy to see that they’re protected as well. And while you’re doing that, if you’ve got any valuable ornaments in the garden, also have a think about those as well.

Back in the house, does your policy provide cover for home emergencies such as the freezer breaking down and all the food inside going rotten? What if you lose your keys? Check on your policy to see whether you’ve got cover there as well.

Also, accidental damage cover is worth having. That means you would be able to claim if say the cat knocks over a vase, or somebody spills some red wine on your carpet.

It’s never a barrel of laughs going through an insurance policy, but it’s important to do it so that you know what cover you’ve got, and you get the maximum value for the money you spend on your premiums.

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