How to insure a young driver

Are you stuggling to find cheap car insurance for your new driver? Here are some top tips to bring that huge price tag down...

So your child has got their license, and they want to get a car of their own. Sure, why not? Have some caviar with your champagne, my dear child. Let me just dip into my swiss bank account. They may as well ask you for a Fabergé egg for breakfast, the amount it’s going to cost you to insure them

The fact is, young drivers are seen as high risk by insurers because they are. The average premium for a young driver is around £1000, but it can be significantly more than the cost of the car.

“MMMMM, rich flavour!” You can lower the premium by doing a tougher driving qualification like Pass Plus Test, or by getting a telematics policy, where the insurer will fit a black box to the car which monitors the way the car is driven and rewards sensible motoring with reduced premiums.

And here’s a tip, don’t assume 3rd party cover is going to be the cheapest. Since young people are more likely to be in an accident and make a claim, a more comprehensive policy may actually be cheaper.

Think of it like this; some insurers like to cover young drivers, and some simply don’t. So to potentially save yourself thousands of pounds, shop around. The easiest way to do this is to use a large, independent price comparison site.


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