How to have a stress-free first night in your new home

Getting yourself settled as soon as possible will make your new house feel like your new home.

Couple taking a break from unpacking

Here are some tips on how best to go about it.

Check the basics

After you’ve recuperated from all the moving, check that the gas, electricity and hot water systems are working and turned on.

This is also a good time to check your security system to ensure that all locks and/or alarms are in working order.

Make time work for you

Next it’s time to listen to those instincts that you’ve probably been supressing all day and rustle up a quick bite to eat or order a takeaway.

Use this cooking/waiting time to make the beds so that everyone can head straight to bed after dinner if the day has taken its toll.

It might be worth unpacking your favourite air freshener or candle to help you feel relaxed in your new environment and ease the re-adjustment. This can be particularly calming for children or pets if it’s a scent that reminds them of your old home.

Resist the urge to chaotically nest

If you find that you have a second wind, unpack kitchen and bathroom items, so that normal household functions can get underway in the morning when you are feeling fresher.

Avoid the temptation to tear open boxes of books or DVDs until you’ve assembled their allocated storage space, and leave decorative items such as paintings, soft furnishings, ornaments and lamps for last.


Finally, but most importantly, relax! Enjoy your new home and surroundings, sit back, unwind and take in the accomplishments that have got you here over the last few hectic months.

It is all too easy to focus on the job ahead, but you’ll only get one first night in your new home, so enjoy it!

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