How to have a stress-free family day out

Planning a day out? Ash Mowbray, duty manager at Blackpool Tower, explains why a bit of preparation makes all the difference, from parking to eating to entertainment.

Days out with the kids are a chance for all of the family to have fun together – and even to learn something new. But it just takes a long queue or a missed train to turn a fun-filled day out into a stressful situation.

We’re here in Blackpool to talk with Ash Mowbray from the Merlin Entertainments Group to find out what her top tips are to keep your days out running smoothly..

How to have a stress-free family day out

Q1. It’s definitely worth trying to plan at least most of the aspects of your journey. Check out our website, that’s the best thing. We have lots of information on there to do with opening times, prices, what attractions we offer…even a little sneaky peek at the attractions themselves.

That would be your first step, check out our website and there are plenty of local websites as well, such as the Visit Blackpool website that will give you information on travel, parking, where to stay and things like that.

Consider buying your tickets early and online

Q2. There are various different tickets that you can book as well, so rather than booking one attraction and then booking another attraction separately, if you buy some of the deals that are on our website you can also save some money doing that.

So if you have booked online, and you come for instance in the school holidays, you can then go pick up your tickets at a separate till which will cut down on the queue times

Allow plenty of time to get to your destination

Q3. Come during a bit of a quieter time when people won’t be travelling to work, and check out Visit Blackpool’s site for information on parking. Just make sure you know where you’re going – because if you arrive by car and you’re driving about Blackpool looking for somewhere to park, that could put a bit of a dampener on your day.

If you can avoid driving, maybe coming by train, book your tickets in advance and that should cut out a bit of stress for your journey.

Plan your day

Q4. The biggest bit of advice I could give is to check the website for opening times, especially for things like our circus, they have specific performance times, so it’s always worth checking the schedule for that. Check for age restrictions or height restrictions for certain attractions. If you have some discount vouchers always check the terms and conditions on the back. Sometimes during peak times such as October half term they will have exclusions on them, so just check they’ll be valid before you bring them or before you use them.

Plan, but don't over-plan

Q5. If you plan in advance, and you check out all the deals that are available, made sure that you’ve planned for your journey, allow yourself to go off on a tangent and do something a little bit different - as long as you allow that freedom then you’re going to have a great time.

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