How to get an iPhone 6s as cheaply as possible

Thinking of buying an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus? Here's how to buy Apple's latest handset without paying over the odds

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There’s always a buzz when the latest Apple hardware drops, and the latest iteration of the iPhone was no exception.

If you are after an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, here’s a quick look at how we get one for as little as possible. Visit our mobile phones channel to compare the latest iPhone deals

The cheapest way to get one is to buy the handset outright, from Apple, then get a Sim-only deal to go with it.

So if you buy an entry level 6s at £539 from Apple, then get a £14.99 SIM-only deal with 6GB of data, unlimited calls and texts on a rolling one-month contract, this will set you back £898.76 – or £37.48 a month – over two years.

But an iPhone 6s with the same allowances on a two-year contract with Vodafone would cost £1,080 or £45 a month – that’s £181.24 more.

If you don’t think you’ll need the 6GB data allowance you could buy the 6s from Apple and stick Giffgaff’s 2GB, unlimited texts, 500 minutes SIM in it for £12 a month and your two year cost drops to £827.

If you’ve an old phone to trade in you could make some money out of that – a 16GB iPhone 6 on O2 will sell for up to £230 with our recycling partner. A 16GB iPhone 5s on O2, meanwhile, will net you up to £154.

Remember that trade-in values for older iPhone models are only going to go down as the 6s models get more common, so if you are going to sell up – sooner is better.

And whichever way you decide to buy, always compare deals and work out the two-year cost factoring in the monthly payments plus the price of the handset or up-front fee.

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Please note: prices were correct at time of filming.

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