How to fit a roof box

A roof box is one of the best ways to increase the capacity of your car - by are they easy to fit? We spoke to Thule spokesman James Clark to get a tutorial on how to add one...

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Roof bars and roof boxes are an excellent way of creating more space in your vehicle.

Here are a few tips if you’d like to buy one

Speak to an expert

When choosing some roof bars, it is very important to go to an authorised dealer and use the correct application guide rather than buying online, because not all vehicles have the same roof.

In years gone by, cars have had rain gutters, this kind of thing is no longer fitted in vehicles and quite often vehicles will have an almost flush roof without any gutters or fittings.

Make sure they're fitted correctly

When fitting your roof bars ensure that they are safely fitted, you have followed the instructions fully, and you never overload them.

Check your manual for the weight limits of your vehicle as this will be a great help.

When you purchase your roof bars your dealer will advise you on the correct ones and also fit them for you, but it is very important that you are familiar with the fitting of it before you leave, and remember as the owner of the vehicle it is your responsibility at all times for the safety of your vehicle and your roof bars.

Finally, one top tip is to remove the roof box when you are not using them, as this will help with your fuel economy.

What about roof boxes?

An excellent addition to any vehicle, when you fit your roof bars, is a roof box, these create an excellent amount of space, and for just a small amount of investment you create almost as much space as you have in your boot.

Don't overload your roof boxes

Once your roof box is fitted to your vehicle don’t over load it ensure you can close the lid and use the straps inside of the roof box to secure any loose loads.

Remove to save fuel

When you finished using your roof box remove it from the roof as this will help with fuel economy and discourage any theft.

Remember the extra height

Remember, that with the roof box on your vehicle will be that much higher when entering multi story car parks or when your booking ferry’s remember the extra height.

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