How to check your broadband speed

How does your broadband speed stack up against what’s available in your area? Mark Hooson explains how to check.

Your broadband speed determines how fast you can download files to your computer, such as webpages, music tracks and videos. It also determines how fast you can upload files to the web, so, pictures and videos, to things like Twitter and Facebook.

The UK average download speed is around 15MB per second, but your actual speed will depend on where you live because rural areas tend to have lower speeds, whereas urban areas tend to be faster.

MoneySuperMarket has a special tool which helps you check your broadband speed and compare it to see what you could be getting.

Checking your broadband speed with MoneySuperMarket is really easy, all you need to do is go to, hover over the broadband tab and then click ‘check my broadband speed’, on this screen you will be asked to input your postcode and the name of your current provider, and your email address, then you click ‘start test’.

Once the test is complete you will get a table which shows your connection speed and the connection speed you can expect to get with other suppliers in your area. You will also get an indication of price and you can click through for more information or to apply.

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