How to buy car insurance online

The cost of car insurance has soared by an average of 31% over the past year making it more important than ever to shop around for the right level of cover at the best price.

While many people regard shopping around for car insurance as a chore, a comparison site makes the task much quicker and easier.

This video will talk you through the process.

Getting started

Before you start, it’s worth having your existing policy and paper driver’s license to hand – these aren’t mandatory but they’ll make it even simpler to get a quote.

As you’ll see the quotation process requires you to give information about the car you are looking to insure, the details of the drivers to be insured on the policy – including claims history and motoring convictions, which is why it’s helpful to have your existing policy document and driver’s license.

Once you’ve completed the question set, we’ll then get quotes from more than 100 insurers and display them within seconds. We’ll also email you the six most competitive quotes that are returned for you – that’s why we ask for your email address.

Insurance premiums are rising by an average of 44p per day so it’s advisable to buy your new policy straight away. However, if you decide not to, we’ll save your quotes, which is why when you give us your email address we also ask you to set up a password. This enables you to log into your moneysupermarket account and retrieve your quotes – all the information you give to us is totally safe and kept in a secure environment.

It’s also important to note that moneysupermarket doesn’t sell your details on to any other companies. We will keep you updated with other offers we think you might be interested in although you can opt not to receive these communications.


So, what might you have difficulty with?

The questions you will be asked have been carefully designed to ensure you provide the information required to get accurate quotes but in as simple a way as possible.  And as you’ll see some of them can be answered automatically based on earlier information.

For example, if you know the registration number of the vehicle we can find your car and give an estimated value for it.

There are also help boxes to assist you if you are unsure what information is being asked for.

One of the common stumbling blocks are the questions about your occupation and the sector it is in.

For example, if you are a teacher, the sector is education. If you answer ‘retired’ for your occupation, the question about which sector you work in disappears as it’s not relevant.

Using a comparison site undoubtedly makes the task of finding the best car insurance deal simpler.

However, once they’ve got their results, many people are nervous about clicking through and buying their policy online so we’re able to give you a choice with many insurers that feature on the site and you can either buy online or over the phone. Show results table.

So if you’d prefer to speak to the insurer before you purchase your policy you can do so without having to go through the quotation process again.


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