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If you find that your home WIFI isn't running as quickly as you'd like, then here are a few tips to help boost your WIFI signal, speed and range.

Step 1 - Make sure your wifi network is password protected

It stands to reason the more people who are on your network, the slower it will be. So protecting your network with a password will stop anyone piggybacking on your connection. Make sure the password is something personal to you, and make it more secure by adding numbers and symbols.

Step 2 - Upgrade your router

If you’ve had your router for a while and find it’s not running as fast as you’d like, then buying a newer router can have a big impact on your wireless signal. Alternatively, just fixing a larger antenna to your current router could also make a noticeable difference.

Step 3 - Reposition your router

Where you position your router can make a big difference to signal strength. The signal from a router mushrooms out – exactly like the wifi icon on your phone or computer – so don’t place it too close to a exterior facing wall as you’ll lose half your range! Place your router as close as possible to your computer or device, unhindered by walls, doors and furniture. If you have more than one machine then place it somewhere in the middle.

Step 4 - Change your wireless frequency

Most modern routers will run dual frequencies, this allows you to change your wireless frequencies to get a better WIFI experience. For example, the BT home hubs 4 and 5 as well as Virgin media’s super hub all project a 2.4 and a 5 gigahertz frequency. So if you’re running multiple devices at home you can connect to different frequencies to maximise your connection. One will normally be faster than the other depending on how used the frequencies are your area – try both to see which is faster.

Step 5 - Kit yourself out

If your WIFI signal is weak in certain areas of your house then try picking yourself up a wireless repeater.

This will take the existing signal and repeat it creating a secondary network from the first – ultimately expanding the reach within your home.

Step 6 - Look at alternative internet service providers

If you're still struggling to get the speeds you need to cater for your digital life, then it’s worth looking around for alternative internet service providers. Lots of factors affect the speed you get at home but if you feel like you’ve tried everything it might be time to switch. To find out more and get exclusive broadband offers head to

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