Quiz: How much of an energy expert are you?

Find out just how much, or little, you really know about energy by taking our quick quiz.

If you’ve taken our quiz you’ll now be one of those smart people who seems to know all kinds of useful trivia about things like gas and electricity. That’s so MoneySuperMarket. Why not challenge your friends and family to beat your score by clicking on one of the share buttons.

Did you know?

• Switching energy suppliers takes just 17 days and involves no digging, drilling or any other disruption – your supply won’t even be interrupted during the switch.

• The gas and electricity you’ll get is exactly the same regardless of who you pay for it, so there’s no reason not to try out a smaller, cheaper supplier; you’re not going to get lower quality energy

• You can switch to a new gas and electricity supplier as many times as you like, and as the suppliers are constantly trying to outdo each other on prices, you can keep taking advantage

• Click here to start saving 

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