Quiz: How much of a broadband expert are you?

Find out just how much, or little, you really know about broadband by taking our quick quiz.

Now that you’ve taken our broadband quiz, you’ll know a thing or two about the World Wide Web and how we connect to it. Why not challenge your friends and family to beat your score by sharing the quiz?

Did you know?

- The average broadband speed in the UK is around 22Megabits per second* (Mbps). You can use our broadband speed checker to see how yours compares.

- If your broadband speed is slower than you’d like, there are things you can do yourself to improve it. Our video will show you how.

- Broadband switching was actually made simpler this summer, as all the work associated with switching now has to be carried out by your new Internet Service Provider (ISP) – you can read more about that here

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