How much can you discount a date?

Want to treat someone special this Valentine’s but worried about the bill? We take a look at what vouchers could help – and consider whether it’s ever okay to use a discount on a date…

Love is always in the air this time of year, but for many people so are money worries. So how much can you discount a date before your romantic interest loses interest?

If you’re a man who believes in footing the bill for a date then there is good news. A study by last year showed that 25% of women are more attracted to a man who’s careful with his cash.

In fact, more than three quarters of women say they wouldn’t be turned off if a man used a voucher to cut the cost of their first date.

Of course a fifth of women say they are more than happy to split the bill on first dates so finding the right girl could be one way of saving money.

But whoever you are and whoever you’re treating, just how much can you save on a date? We took a look at the vouchers page to find out exactly what’s available right now.


Nothing is quite as romantic as flowers delivered to home or the office [thank you very much], and the has some fantastic vouchers including a number for free delivery.

Alternatively, there’s 15% off at iflorist. That means you could send a £55 bunch of long-stem roses for just £46.75

Savings: £8.25


Round to yours for a quick drink before dinner or after? Once again, a voucher can help.

We have £10 off at Tesco when you spend £50 or more on wine and champagne, so you can keep your cellar well-stocked for when important guests come calling.

Savings: £18.25


There are loads of two-for-one offers on the site this February, including a printable voucher at Bella Italia.
If you both went for the classic spaghetti and meatballs, that’s a saving of £9.50. Just don’t wear a white shirt.

Savings: £27.75

Day out

If dinner went well – and with flowers, wine and a meal, it should have – you might want to see each other again soon, perhaps for a more informal date.

We’ve got the perfect offer – two-for-one at Alton Towers, which opens again for half term from the 19th February. That saves you as much as £32 on the door.

Saving: £59.75

So you can impress your date and save nearly £60. That’s not bad.

Remember though, if you use voucher throughout the year you could save an average of £50 a month – that’s £600 a year in total! That gives you much more money to play with and impress that someone special.

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