How to have a happy family move

Moving is exciting, but it can be unsettling for children. Use our guide to help you nip problems in the bud and turn your move into a happy family adventure.

Family moving house

The more you can involve your children in the move, the easier it will be for them – and, ultimately, of course, for you. 

Get them involved

It’s important to show your children the house and area you’re moving to well before you move in.

Let them see the new house (or the building plans) so they can explore the property inside and out and, if possible, pick their bedroom.

This can take away the shock of a move, and even make it an adventure they can get excited about.

Give them a moving buddy

If you have a toddler, pick a toy to be his or her moving buddy – one they can share the excitement of the move with.

Maybe get your child to draw your new home so that they can visualise themselves and their moving buddy there before they arrive.

If they’re older, get them to start to thinking about what they’d like to have in their new room and how they might like to decorate it.

Finding out what the area has to offer children

You’ve probably done lots of research about your kids’ new school, but have you looked into the fun new stuff for them to do when school’s out?

From playgrounds and parks to sport and activity groups, making fun lists of all the new things to explore in an area can give children something to look forward to.

On moving day

There’s bound to be a lot of commotion so it’s a good idea for your children to stay with a friend or relation the night before or on day itself, if possible – unless, of course, they’re old enough to help out.

If there’s nobody to look after them, make sure you have their boxes clearly marked and moved to the house first, along with any essentials for really little ones such as highchairs, playpens and travel cots.

This will mean they can play with their toys and keep busy while you’re getting organised.

On the first night

Plan a special family meal and then settle your children down with their favourite book and their moving buddy to discuss the adventures of the day and the exciting times ahead in their new home.

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