Have you got Christmas covered?

After some last-minute tips to make this a happy Christmas?

Even the laziest Christmas shopper can’t put it off any longer – Christmas is coming and it’s time to get ready.

Across the country, German Christmas markets, like this one in Manchester, are making festive shopping a more enjoyable experience.

But whether you’re pounding the pavements looking for gifts, or simply doing your shopping online, are you ready for Christmas? Here are some top tips to consider:

It can be great fun buying presents this time of year, but don’t leave yourself at risk of thieves. Hide presents in your house instead of leaving them wrapped under the tree, where they’ll tempt thieves to break in.

Also, lots of brand new toys and gifts can really boost the value of your home’s contents, so make sure your home insurance covers you. Lots of insurers automatically extend your protection this time of year – but double check whether or not yours does. Don’t leave yourself underinsured.

Many people will be travelling this December, either to reach family or to chase some winter sun. If you’re heading overseas, don’t forget to buy a decent travel insurance policy, so you’re not left hanging if something goes wrong.

If you’re driving across the UK to reach loved ones, leave plenty of time so you’re not rushing on icy roads. If you don’t have breakdown cover, now is the time to take out a policy. You don’t want the whole family stranded on the motorway come Christmas Eve!

We’re crazy about our pets and at Christmas we really want to spoil them. But don’t forget that sugary treats can be really bad for them and chocolate is actually poisonous to dogs!

If you really want to treat them, consider taking out pet insurance so that they can always have the medical care they need.

If you’re hitting high street stores for your presents then make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Shopping online can help you find the best price – and don’t forget to use our shopping comparison tool to do the legwork and help you save money.

It’s also possible to be festive AND frugal, by using discounts to cut the price of your presents right down. Visit the moneysupermarket.com vouchers page for money-off coupons you can print off and use in shops, and codes you can use online.

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