Get road trip ready with our 5 crucial car checks

If you're heading out on a road trip, you’ll want to be sure your car is up to the job

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So, before you hit the road, get ready with our 5 crucial car checks.

1. Don’t be an air head.

Pumping your tyres to the correct pressure is important not just for safety reasons, but it also makes your vehicle more fuel efficient. Under inflated tyres increases fuel consumption by up to 20%.

2. Tread Carefully

Keep your eye on the tyre tread, it needs to be at least 1.6mm across the central three quarters of the tyre. That’s level with the rim of a 20 pence piece. This is just a legal minimum but more is always better.

3 .Stay slick

Regularly check your car’s oil levels and always before a long car journey. With the engine off and the car on level ground, remove the dipstick, wipe it clean and re-insert – remove it and check that the oil level is within the recommended range and if you need to top up, then check your owner’s manual. If the oil looks very dark or black. Then you should consider an oil change.

PLEASE NOTE: Always refer to your car's manual for instructions BEFORE checking your oil. Some models require the engine to be idling, or for the oil to be at its correct running temperature.

4. Wet, wet, wet

Check your radiator fluid is within the minimum maximum lines and you don’t need to remove the cap, you just have to check the level visually and if you do need to remove the cap to top up, make sure the engine is cold before you do.

5. Shed some light on the situation

Always check that your lights are working properly before setting off on any journey. Park yourself in a safe place and look at the reflections to see if your lights are in working order, or get a friend to give you a hand!

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