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Local Deals is an exciting new addition to where we continue our great work in bringing you - the customer the best money saving deals in the market!

Think of that epic feeling when you save money – and then imagine how you’d feel if you could save up to 90% on your most favourite things in life? 

Well this is what MoneySupermarket Deals is – we bring you deals to help you save money on your leisure and entertainment time– with the added bonus of all these deals being on your doorstep!!

Those pubs and restaurants, delightful boutiques and family favourite attractions in your home town are on our radar and will soon be releasing us their best possible deals for our customers to buy!

How it works

Sign up by registering your email address and postcode and then deals in your local city will be revealed!

Each deal is very precise and detailed, telling you exactly what you are getting for your money – and yes, quite often you will see genuine deals offering up to 90% off!!

You’ll sometimes see our real time clock ticking down – so if you don’t want to miss this deal, you need to BUY IT NOW!

When the deal has expired, check your inbox, where you’ll have the voucher ready for use!  This voucher will explain what to do from here. 

Some offers require you to phone and book, others will publish a code for use online and others require you to simply present upon arrival.

We’ll be in touch

And remember when you gave us your email address earlier?  You’ll now start to receive our email newsletter which tells you about the latest amazing deals happening live in your city – we really don’t want you to miss out!!!

We are really proud of our Local Deals proposition - we think you’ll love it – after all who wouldn’t want to save money on the finer things in life! 


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