Fuel costs prompt car share surge

Car sharing is being considered by more than half of Britons because of the high cost of fuel, according to a survey.

Almost half (47%) of the population are now considering car sharing but only one in ten (11%) currently do so more than once a week, said AA Insurance.

 The cost of petrol is the main reason with 51% saying that they are more likely to consider car sharing  because of high fuel costs.

Around 60% of the 5.5 million Brits who already car share, admit the main reason is to make savings on petrol costs while only a third (34%) share to help the environment.

The most common reasons for car sharing include social occasions such as going to the pub (54%) and driving to and from work (34%). Sharing long journeys was also a popular choice (32%).

Edmund King, president of the AA said: "Car sharing is something that we really believe in - not only is it a good way to reduce emissions and congestion on the road, but can also save on motoring costs.

"However to make sure that car sharing is a safe and pleasant experience, drivers should check their car insurance policy as well as be mindful of the social etiquette around sharing - especially if they do not know the other sharer very well."

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