4 thrifty ways to stay warm this winter

You don’t have to sit in your house in a huge puffer jacket to keep the cold away. Follow our thrifty winter tips to keep your house warm this winter.

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Up Cycle and Warm up!

Knock together a makeshift draught excluder by grabbing an old pair of tights and stuffing them with socks.

Reflect the heat

Make the most of your radiator by placing a piece of cardboard wrapped in tinfoil behind it – this helps to circulate the heat and could save you a few quid too.

Feeling hot!

Light some candles. Cheap tea lights create a nice atmosphere and kick out a surprising amount of heat. Use scented ones to keep things smelling fresh.

Free up the warmth

Bleed your radiators - if there’s trapped air in there occupying space meant for hot water, they wont be as efficient as they should be.

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