4 costs of moving home nobody ever tells you about

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Watch out for mortgage fees

Some mortgages come with an arrangement fee, and generally speaking, those with higher fees have a lower interest and vice versa.

So make sure you shop around and do your sums to work out which deal suits you best.

And if you plump for a deal with a higher fee, it’s best to pay this up front rather than adding it to your mortgage, else you’ll be paying interest on it for the life of the mortgage.

Beware unexpected ’admin’ fees

Administration fees for changing your address on documents like your car insurance can set you back anywhere between £15 and £40 and can soon stack up.

The same applies when moving your subscription TV and broadband packages and if your phone line needs reactivating this alone could set you back upwards of £100

So it’s always worth trying to charm your way out of having to pay these fees – they will want to keep your business after all.

Address the issue on line

Redirecting your post can cost up to £60 per surname per year, so go online to change your address with things like your bank and mobile phone provider – it’[s cost nothing but a little bit of your time.

Consider council tax costs

If you’re upsizing your home, or moving to a more sought after area, the chances are you’ll shift up a council tax band or two and this can add hundreds of pounds onto your annual bill.

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