Focus On: Exclusive! £40 Next voucher on BT broadband

Sign up for a broadband deal with BT via MoneySuperMarket this month and you’ll get a £40 voucher to spend at Next.

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And if you’re super-fast and sign-up before midnight on Tuesday March 11, you’ll also receive a £100 Sainsbury’s gift card on certain deals. With other deals, and after Tuesday, the gift card is still worth a tasty £50.

So should BT be your next broadband provider? Read on to find out more about what’s on offer.

What’s the deal?

Anyone who uses MoneySuperMarket to sign up for a broadband, broadband and phone or broadband, phone and TV package from BT in March will receive a £40 Next voucher along with a Sainsbury’s gift card.

For example, if you live in an eligible area, you can get faster download speeds (up to 38Mb) with the BT Infinity 1 tariff. For £7.50 a month (£15 after six months), plus line rental and a £30 activation charge, you’ll get super-fast downloads, a 20GB download limit and free, unlimited weekend calls. This brings with it the £40 Next voucher and the £100 Sainsbury gift card (until midnight Tuesday, when the value of the card drops to £50).

With a super-fast connection, you might be concerned about burning through your download limit faster – in which case you could upgrade to Unlimited BT Infinity 1 (£16 per month for three months, £23 thereafter, plus line rental at £15.99 and a £30 activation charge), which offers unlimited downloads and increases your upload speeds up to 9.5Mb. You get the same deal on the Next and Sainsbury's vouchers.

If you’ve got an even greater need for speed, Unlimited BT Infinity 2 offers download speeds of up to 76Mb and upload speeds of up to 19Mb, as well as no monthly download limits and unlimited free calls at weekends. This tariff costs £20 for the first three months and £26 thereafter, as well as £15.99 a month for line rental. Again, you get Next and Sainsbury's offers as for Infinity 1.

Alternatively, you could sign up for BT’s more basic Broadband package with download speeds of up to 16Mb and a monthly usage limit of 10GB – enabling you to browse the web for 30 hours, stream 10 hours of video and download 10 music albums per month. You’ll also get unlimited, free weekend calls.

For the first six months, this tariff costs £5 per month (£10 per month for the following 12 months). You’ll also need to take line rental at £15.99 a month (or £141 for 12 months in advance). Here you get the £40 Next voucher and a £50 Sainsbury's gift card.

If you’re concerned about charges for exceeding your monthly download limits, you might prefer the Unlimited Broadband package for £8 per month (£16 after six months), plus line rental, which offers unlimited downloads – with the same Next and Sainsbury’s sweeteners.

Bundle options

Those who want to bundle in TV, broadband and phone may be interested in the TV Essential + Unlimited Broadband package, which offers up to 70 Freeview channels, catch-up TV including BBC iPlayer and a YouView+ box, along with download speeds of up to 16Mb, unlimited downloads and free, unlimited weekend calls. All this costs £13 a month for the first six months and £21 after that, plus line rental at £15.99 a month and a £35 TV activation fee. Here, you get the £100 Sainsbury gift card (£50 after Tuesday).

Click here to see more details on all these tariffs and apply.

Who’s it good for?

Anyone nearing the end of their current broadband contract and looking to switch to a more competitive deal, or anyone who is looking to sign up for broadband for the first time.

With BT’s super-fast, fibre optic Infinity services now available to around 60% of the country, it might also be of interest to those looking to upgrade from ADSL to fibre optic – but remember you might still be in the ineligible 40%.

And, of course, for those who need something to sweeten the deal, the £40 Next voucher is there for the taking too.

Any catches?

Broadband can be complicated, and so there are several catches to watch out for:

  • All the tariffs have an introductory discount which expires after three or six months. Your monthly bill will then go up.
  • All tariffs require line rental at £15.99 per month, on top of the cost of the tariff.
  • You’ll be locked in for at least 18 month on all these tariffs.
  • You might not necessarily get the speed you see advertised. Your actual speeds depend on where you live, the distance from your nearest telephone exchange, the physical set up of telephone equipment in your home, the number of people sharing your connection and even the weather. These things are beyond BT’s control.
  • Some of the tariffs come with set up/connection fees.
  • If you’re not yet at the end of your current broadband contract, you may have to pay a penalty to leave – which could outweigh the benefit of the Next vouchers.
  • The discounted price on the Broadband and Unlimited Broadband tariffs ends on March 13.

What’s the verdict?

There are much cheaper broadband deals out there – for example, Primus Saver offers unlimited broadband for £2 a month (for the first six months) plus line rental at £12.50.  DirectSave telecom will give you unlimited downloads at speeds of up to 14Mb, plus evening and weekend calls for just £1.95 per month, along with line rental at £9.95.

This offer from BT is still very attractive, though, given the appeal of BT’s brand, the vouchers up for grabs and the fact that each of the previously mentioned tariffs comes with free, unlimited weekend calls.

The best broadband tariff for you will depend on how often you use the web and what you use it for. There’s no sense in paying for unlimited downloads and super-fast connections if you’re only checking your emails and Facebook, but there’s also no sense in going for the cheapest possible deal if it means getting smaller download limits and slower speeds than you need – you’ll only end up frustrated and incur extra charges for exceeding your limits.

Our new-look broadband channel can help you to decide the best deal for you.

Please note: any rates or deals mentioned in this article were available at the time of writing. Click on a highlighted product and apply direct.


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