5 tips to get the broadband speed you are paying for

5 tips to get the broadband speed you are paying for

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You don’t have to be a techno-nerd to be savvy with your broadband. Just follow our common-sense tips to make sure you get the service you pay for.

Need for Speed!!

Swap your wifi connection for a wired connection. It can be a bit fiddly to make sure no wires are on show, but it can give your speed an instant boost.

Streamline your Surfing

Always disconnect the devices connected to your router if you are not using them. That way you can have all the bandwidth to yourself.

Route around for a special place!

Give your router a special place of its own. Metal and other items around it can interfere, so give it a wide birth.

Safe and Sound

Make sure your connection is secured with at least WPA2 encryption – or a password. Otherwise, your neighbours and passers-by could be piggybacking bandwidth without you knowing.

Great gadgets!

Fit an iPlate on your phone socket. They’re available online for around £5 and can give you a boost by decreasing interference.

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