5 money saving tips to beat Christmas in summer

Get ready for Christmas early and you could save yourself some money. Find out how.

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We all know that Christmas puts a serious strain on budgets at the end of the year, but how can you try and avoid this? Well these tips should help you put the stuffing back in your turkey.

Pop a cheap bird on ice!

A fresh turkey can be frozen for up to nine months – so why not grab a cheap bird over the summer and pop her on ice.

Ferret away a Festive Fiver

Set aside a fiver each week from the start of July and by December you’ll have saved more than £100. That should cover the Christmas dinner!

Stock it and lock it!

Supermarkets often have good deals on drinks during the summer, so while you’re stocking up on beer for the BBQ, buy a few extra bottles and stick them in the cupboard until Christmas.

Pay day presents!

Buy a gift for a friend or family member each time you get paid - this should help you get to December with most gifts bought and much less stress!

Lose friends and alienate people

If all else fails, fall out with your friends and family so there’s no-one to buy for this year!

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