7 top tips for first time buyers

Confused about stamp duty? Want to know more about mortgages? Watch our 7 top tips for first time home buyers here and start looking for your dream home today...

Buying a house is stressful. So my advice? Be more like an elephant.

Develop a thick skin. You’ll be dealing with a lot of frustration and even disappointment.
Elephants are superstitious so learn to believe in fate. “It wasn’t meant to be” is a phrase you’ll become familiar with.

Never forget... your budget. It’s important you stay realistic with what you can afford, and what size mortgage you can get, so you don’t overstretch yourself.

If, like an elephant, you’re terrible at math’s use an online mortgage calculator, work out how much you can afford, and don’t forget to factor in other costs: your deposit, and arrangement fee of about a grand, maybe stamp duty, the solicitor’s fee, a survey, and unless you like sitting on the floor, some furniture.

Try not to let your heart rule your head. You’re much better waiting 6 months and saving up a bit more than stretching yourself too far and ending up stuck in with no social life.

Finally, there are some things an elephant would never do: Raise its voice during heated negotiations with estate agents, buy a home based on the furniture, rather than the floor plan, and move anywhere near a baboon, they are very noisy neighbours.

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